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IVF using a Sperm Donor

Sperm donation is a procedure  to help an individual or a couple conceive a baby. 

Sperm donation is a procedure to help an individual or a couple conceive a baby. Donated sperm can be injected into a woman's reproductive organs (intrauterine insemination) or used to fertilize mature eggs in a lab (in vitro fertilization). A man who makes a sperm donation can be known or anonymous to the recipient. ​Sperm donation helps an individual or a couple conceive a baby. Sperm donation helps those unable to create — such as a woman who doesn't have a male partner or a couple experiencing male infertility.

The treatment of Sperm donation will be done through IUI or ICSI. After viewing the medical tests and ultrasound scans. The doctor will advise the patient on what treatment to proceed with. 

When is a Sperm Donor recommended?

There are many reasons why sperm donors may be advised. This type of treatment is most commonly used because of:

  • The male partner has azoospermia or any other significant sperm abnormalities

  • The male partner has a sexually transmissible infection

  • Females without male partners

These are a few cases in which using a sperm donor is recommended.

Choosing the Sperm Donor:

Choosing your sperm donor is one of the biggest and most important decisions. Our team is here to help. We will help you select the best sperm donor you feel most comfortable with. We work with many international banks, allowing you to view many options. You can choose a known or an anonymous donor. 

Please don't hesitate to contact us for further information about Sperm donation treatment in Cyprus.

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