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Sperm Freezing Fertility Services

Preserve your sperm until you wish to try for a family.

There are many reasons why men freeze their sperm. Most common are:


  • Medical treatments - treatments such as chemotherapy can affect fertility and sperm quality. Men choose to freeze their sperm prior to starting treatment

  • Prior to a vasectomy

  • Medical conditions which can affect the quality of your sperm


How does sperm freezing work?

Before you freeze your sperm you will undergo screening to make sure you are free of any infectious diseases. You will also be offered the opportunity to discuss the implications of sperm freezing with one of our experienced counsellors.

You will need to give written consent for your sperm to be used. The consent form allows you to specify what happens to your sperm in the event that something happens to you and how long you want your sperm sample to be preserved for. You can withdraw your consent for the use of your sperm at any time.

You then visit our clinic and provide a fresh sperm sample, which is then  preserved in liquid nitrogen.

When you decide you wish to use your sperm, it is thawed and analysed by our team of andrologists to make sure it is of good enough quality to be used.

The chances of pregnancy using frozen sperm depends on a number of factors. These include how successfully your sperm survives the freeze-thaw process. Your sperm can be used in IVF or ICSI treatment.

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